Safety Tips

Keep our road construction workers safe
Dedicated men and women maintain our roadways and make systemic improvements, including adding new mid-block crosswalks, bicycle lanes, and other safety features. Like those walking and bicycling, construction workers are also vulnerable; if motorists go slow and stay focused in work zones, everyone gets home safely.

Driving with bicyclists
Do you know that bicycles are considered vehicles, too, when riders are on roadways? Being aware of bicyclists and ensuring you leave at least 3 feet between you and a bicyclist you are passing helps ensure a positive outcome for everyone.

Safety for those walking
There’s a new kind of crosswalk being installed around Tampa Bay. These crosswalks are equipped with Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons to help make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross busy streets. Here’s how!

Driving with pedestrian hybrid beacon crosswalks
Maybe you’ve noticed these special crosswalks popping up on roadways… how should motorists react? When the light is red, motorists must stop and allow people to cross before proceeding. It’s the law.