Signal cabinet art

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Background on the signal cabinet art

Placing colorful and engaging artwork near sidewalks and crosswalks is a great way to reach people walking and makes streets more inviting. Ginger Regalado, Bicyclist & Pedestrian Program Manager for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Seven, saw an opportunity to place artwork where people walking would see the art: on signal cabinets adjacent to crosswalks. Ginger’s vision for the cabinet art included safety themes that would be inclusive of everyone. The art was created by Vanessa Wheeler, BWTB Illustrator, with Ginger Regalado’s guidance, and Julie Bond, BWTB Program Director, provided additional editorial input. “The artwork for the signal cabinets was designed to include everyone, while sending a positive message about pedestrian safety,” Ginger said. “The artwork is bright, cheery, and reflective of the Tampa Bay area.”