Signal Cabinet Art

The greater Tampa Bay area has seen an increase in crashes involving pedestrians and motorists. One way the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Seven is addressing this very serious issue is by placing educational artwork on signal cabinets located next to crosswalks.

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Each side of the signal cabinet shows a scene portraying crosswalks seen around the region. All the panels show people using crosswalks safely, like waiting until the walk signal is displayed and walking rather than riding a bicycle across an intersection.

“The artwork for the signal cabinets was designed to be inclusive of all audiences, while sending a positive message about pedestrian safety,” said Ginger Regalado, Bicyclist & Pedestrian Program Manager for FDOT District Seven, who was the inspiration behind using signal cabinet art to educate pedestrians. “The artwork is bright, cheery, and reflective of the Tampa Bay area.”

Increasing awareness and encouraging use of crosswalks is an important step in improving safety outcomes for everyone who uses Florida’s roads.